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Where Do We Go From Here? Mapping the DEI Journey

Tuesday March 12th, 2024 1:30-3:00 PM ET

Knowing where to start, when to shift, and how to assess progress in a DEI journey can be a challenge. While the work of DEI represents an ongoing process, this knowledge can feel both liberating and overwhelming–liberating because it means that every day is an opportunity to progress forward along the lines of our commitments, but not overwhelming when we realize there is no right approach, sequence, or even a final destination.

Cardozie Jones, CEO of True North EDI, and Erin Dunlevy, Vice-President, will walk you through a process of inquiry and a model for decision-making when it comes to choosing a meaningful path forward. They will share past examples where specific organizational decisions regarding DEI resulted in stronger outcomes, as well as those that slowed or stalled progress.

The 90min webinar is for organizational agents–leaders, directors, managers–and those who are champions of DEI within their professional community, who are interested in plotting an inclusively designed and responsive path forward.

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