True North EDI empowers organizations and businesses to bridge the gap between aspiration and action.

We partner with professional communities to cultivate holistic practices, policies, and priorities for an actualized commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion to thrive.

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We believe organizational and institutional change can only happen through deep and informed reflection on the ways in which identity, history, and power intersect and impact our lives. This learning sets the stage for responsive action that can lead to inspiring outcomes. By leading with both reverence and joy, we believe the work of DEI should never feel heavier than what we can carry together.

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Our consulting branch engages organizational staff, leaders, and teams to participate in meaningful dialogue. We work together to identify areas of growth, and design and implement responsive plans of action.


We support established and emerging leaders to transform how they relate to themselves, their work, and those they lead. An ever-evolving landscape requires evolved leaders who can adapt, listen, and be responsive to the issues that impact not only the people within their professional communities, but those that intersect with and inform the culture, practices, and policies that exist within their company or organization.


Our True North EDI facilitator masterfully centered voices with a very clear and genuine facilitation style that allowed us to work towards a true cultural shift.

Yetunde, VP of Programs

Our Our True North EDI consultant has been a partner and a guide this past year for our work on capacity building through a race equity lens. They were kind, nimble, open, and welcoming, which has allowed us to have better conversations, set clear goals, and to take more risks.

Sharon, Executive Director

We had the intention but not the direction. True North EDI helped us clarify our values and create a roadmap of actions and priorities that embodied those values.

David, President

True North EDI training was a true game changer for our organization. With their incredible insight we were able to have challenging conversations in a healthy and productive way that uplifted our humanity and pushed us to take an honest evaluation of where we stood on the antiracist continuum.

Reginald, HR Associate

Erin Dunlevy was a powerful asset to me during the coaching call. She pushed my thinking and affirmed my ideas about bringing culturally relevant and sustainable educational practices to a global scale. During our time together, she was able to share many resources, perspectives from her life, and scholars that I should research and reach out to. She gave me clear next steps that were aligned with my goals and connected me with theories, books, and ideas that I feel will be of great support to me in the near and distant future.

Janelle, Consultant

Cardozie is a joy to talk with! I appreciate how he sets the tone of our virtual session so that I can be my authentic self and engage in conversation wholeheartedly. He helped me to understand my concerns from a lens unfamiliar to me and provided tools that can help me navigate and facilitate with peers. I intend to apply and share what I learned and look forward to building success pathways with my organization.

Lisa, Program Manager

Working with Cardozie and True North has helped me realize that equity work in organizations is a long-term commitment to shifting culture, not a short-term strategy for responding to acute issues. But each time we work through a small thing, we get a clearer picture of the big thing—a place that actively welcomes BIPOC people and provides the conditions for flourishing. I’m grateful to True North for helping us establish that common goal, align our values as an organization, and put those values into action with accountability.

Sara, Trustee

Cardozie has a unique gift for grasping the central leadership challenges facing CEOs, especially those related to cultural issues and change management. He is empathetic, creative and practical. He is incredibly effective with helping to manage interpersonal and organizational issues, and in helping his clients see their problems with a different, more constructive and objective perspective, and to find ways to move their agenda forward.

David, President

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