This month True North EDI hosted our first webinar of 2024, “Where do we go from here? Mapping the DEI Journey,” and the turnout and response was fantastic! It’s always wonderful to uncover and present a topic that resonates with so many. If you missed it, don’t worry, we’re giving you access to a video recording of the webinar as well as the DEI Roadmap we created and shared with attendees.

The tool was designed to help organizations locate themselves on the DEI journey. It has two sections: the first page identifies the essence of each of its five phases and takes you from “discovery” to “implementation,” and the second, outlines (perhaps more importantly for some) the impediments that can keep organizations from meaningful progress at each phase and the cultural/emotional impacts of those impediments on communities.

View the three key insights that emerged during the webinar in the article on LinkedIn.

They represent overarching themes that came up during both the presentation as well as the Q&A.